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B A C K G R O U N D :

In 2014, the developer of FOURTH& saw an opportunity to take an abandoned laminate factory sitting on 2.2 acres of land at 4th & Chicon and create a mixed-use building allowing businesses and residents to own their space and be a part of East Austin's developing hub of youthful energy, new businesses, and opportunity. The land was littered with contaminates, but the need for housing was great, so they went to work to create something the would change the way Austin is built. 

C H A L L E N G E :

With the excitement of creating modern, green, efficient residential and commercial condos, the development team had to layer in the vision of the East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood Plan, features of transit-oriented development, and consult with the Austin Energy Green Building team to achieve a high-performance building with 38,000 ft of commercial space on the first floor and 102 residential units on the second and third floor. We committed to using renewable, recyclable, and sustainable materials while incorporating green, energy-efficient features throughout the building in addition to the low impact, efficient materials on the envelope of the building.


O U R  A P P R O A C H :


Through extensive pre-planning with architects, engineers, and green consultants, Capsa Ventures developed a three-story building using the latest advancements in building materials, energy-efficient applications and a goal to achieve an exemplary rating in the Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) program. 

The result was a 5 (out of 5) Star rated development, making FOURTH&  Austin's greenest condo building to date. The building has 600 solar panels, pre-insulated recycled steel panels wrapping the envelope of the building, a concrete structure (versus wood framing), low-flow water-saving features, variable-speed A/C systems,  and LED lighting throughout. We recycled 98% of construction waste and achieved over 30% reduction in energy and water use versus traditional approved building standards. 

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