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When we consider any development, we determine the most environmentally responsible and resource-efficient way to maximize a building's life-cycle. By utilizing recycled products, focusing on energy reduction and addressing occupant health prior to building, we are able to construct award winning developments that are changing the way Austin is built. 

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It is our responsibility to produce forward thinking, efficiently designed structures. By challenging ourselves to use locally sourced, recycled, sustainable materials as much as possible, we become good stewards of the land, and the result is that we build better buildings. 

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When you focus on the advancements in construction materials, new technologies, and incorporate them into engineering and pre-planning, you get a Capsa Ventures building. We develop buildings that provide maximum efficiencies, reduce lifetime energy consumption and source sustainable materials, leaving you, the end user, a truly green building.  

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  • Bel Air Lofts, Austin, Texas. An 83 unit urban condominium development. Activities included financing, operations, marketing, and sales.

  • Pease Place, Austin, Texas. A 25 unit condominium development with built-in solar.

  • 904 West, Austin Texas. A 28 unit condominium development with built-in solar, including live/work units and two retail condos.

  • Towns on Cumberland. A 13 unit townhouse development with many green amenities including tankless water heaters, 100% LED lighting, and more. 

Capsa Ventures was formed by Rance Clouse (CEO)

in 2014 as the evolution of multiple Austin real estate developments which began in 2004. In an industry where "greenwashing" is often misrepresented as green building, Capsa has been proactively changing the way Austin is built. With a commitment to build responsibly and sustainably, each new project builds on the prior ones, raising the bar on green development. From solar panels to rainwater collection systems and comprehensive use of recycled and recyclable materials, every Capsa community has been more sustainable than the last.


As Capsa expands into building homes, light industrial and storage facilities, Capsa's team relies on the forethought and planning derived from "eco-engineering and design" to ensure every project challenges the industry status quo.

Some notable accomplishments in Rance's career include:


  • Florence Gardens, Florence, Arizona. A 3,500 lot subdivision. Activities included marketing and sales of 350 improved lots. Construction and sales of 38 homes. Entitlement and bulk sale of 156 lots.

  • Tierra Del Sol, Florence, Arizona. A 120 lot subdivision. Activities included planning, zoning, financing, construction management, marketing, and sales.

  • Casita Hermosa Condominiums, Florence, Arizona. A 79 unit condominium development. Activities included construction management, marketing, and sales.





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